Once upon a time during the mid 1990's, a man decided to alter his future by taking it into his own hands. This particular man sold everything he ever owned in search of something different, something unique. He dittled and dattled with the typical 40 hours a week but nothing in particular quenched his thirst for success.Brick Patio with Pergula

Finally, the day came when enough was enough for Rob Shepard. That day marked a new beginning and against everyone's advice, he sold everything he owned to start a new venture. He took all of his earnings and invested in a 1995 Ford F-150 pickup truck and R.W.S. Landscaping & Lawn Care was born. This company has come a long way since that F-150 stormed onto the scene but R.W.S. Landscaping & Lawn Care has now served the streets of the south chicagoland area for almost 20 years.


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